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15+ Years in the Making

10 years ago, NPS Certification was created to meet the needs of the CX professional practitioner. We have always had the utmost respect for the program leaders and their teams that invest their careers in the challenge of creating successful NPS programs and we wanted to give them the tools to succeed.

While we knew that a professional credential was valuable, we heard from the start that what this group really wanted was NPS success for their business, their teams and their own careers.



NPS Training For All Roles

For Program Leaders

Unlock the essentials required to jump-start or refuel your Net Promoter program with the official NPS certification.

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For All Employees

We help facilitate wins for you and your company when everyone understands their role in customer experience success.

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For the Executive Staff

Strategic in scope but pragmatic in its details, the format rallies execs around successful Net Promoter strategies.

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Our NPS is 89.
Listen to what a few pioneer students have to say.

This is an extremely valuable course taught by very knowledgeable trainers.

Vanessa, VOC Specialist

I found this class to be amazing and I am very excited to go back to my company and formulate our roadmap to success! It also affirmed that we are on the right path with our strategy as well! Thanks so much for the opportunity.

Erin, Manager, Omnichannel Operations

Class was great, super insightful, talked about the precise things we were dealing with, and gave actual tips and tailored best practices.

Anastasia, VOC Specialist

I thought the class was extremely informative and confirms many of the steps and processes we are using and have in place that will help relay our messages to upper management in a clear and concise manner so that change can be accomplished to improve our customer experience as a financial institution.

Shelly, VOC Performance Specialist