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Net Promoter Certification

Join 6000+ professionals who’ve earned the world’s only official credential


Why Choose Richard Owen
& His Team of CX Experts

Nobody has been more instrumental in the success of NPS. Richard’s team developed the Net Promoter Score in a joint project with Bain & Company, but its success as a complete methodology took 10 years of thought leadership.

After the publication of Answering the Ultimate Question written jointly with Dr Laura Brooks, Richard pioneered the creation of NPS certification which now counts over 5,000 companies as advocates. 20 Net Promoter conferences, more than 6,000 participants and hands on involvement in over 1,000 enterprise programs later – well, we think we have learned a thing or two about success and failure for CX. It all went into the Masterclass.

Delivered by the Co-creators of NPS

  10 Completely Re-imagined Thought Leadership Frameworks

  More than 8 Hours of Original Online Instruction

Direct Access to Subject Matter Experts

  Interactive Program Assessment Tools

  Complete All Certification Requirements Online

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NPS Certification, Re-imagined

Join over 5000 companies and achieve results

Access to Experts

Each Unit is equipped with Q&A forums moderated directly by our team of subject matter experts. You can ask questions or contribute to peer feedback.

Measurement Tools

Access the official NPS program online assessment and pinpoint your best next steps to improve. Backed by guidance from our expert team, you can revisit through the year to mark your progress.

A Program Workbook

To activate your skills, once certified you will unlock access to our Program Workbook. Plug and play scenarios that will help you plan strategies for your roadmap.

Always On Access

When your certification is complete, access isn’t over. Come back to access any and all tools available during the course of your subscription.

What Our Clients Say

This is an extremely valuable course taught by very knowledgeable trainers.

Vanessa, VOC Specialist

I found this class to be amazing and I am very excited to go back to my company and formulate our roadmap to success! It also affirmed that we are on the right path with our strategy as well! Thanks so much for the opportunity.

Erin, Manager, Omnichannel Operations

Class was great, super insightful, talked about the precise things we were dealing with, and gave actual tips and tailored best practices.

Anastasia, VOC Specialist

I thought the class was extremely informative and confirms many of the steps and processes we are using and have in place that will help relay our messages to upper management in a clear and concise manner so that change can be accomplished to improve our customer experience as a financial institution.

Shelly, VOC Performance Specialist


How long will it take me?

There are 8 core units which we anticipate will fit in one day or easily spread across a work week. You will also be able to continue to access any and all content post completion.


Is there a final exam?

We want the learning experience to be both enjoyable and memorable. There are Pop Quizzes within each unit which calibrate your progress as you go. After you complete them all you become certified.


Can I interact with the instructors?

Yes. Richard Owen and his team of subject matter experts support you throughout your journey. Each unit contains a moderated forum of which you can also interact with your peers. Plus this feature remains available during the course of your subscription.


Do I get a real certificate?

You sure do. Our online certified professionals will receive one in the mail for US, Europe and India residents, at no extra charge. Otherwise via email. Our live event attendees receive one at the conclusion of the class.


I like the program assessment tool. Can I use this throughout the year?

Yes and all the video instruction, downloadable resources will continue to be accessible for the duration of your subscription. That way you can refresh your knowledge or recalibrate your program as you have applied your skills.